Stephen A. Jupinka

Coffee America USA

"Ricardo’s vast experience in the coffee industry shines through in this consistently superior blend. Flavorful without being too strong, smooth without being too weak. Highly recommended."

Lisa Moore

"RIMAR Coffee has been a staple in our household for the last eight years. Our entire family loves starting each day with their fresh and delicious original blend. Maria Elena and Ricardo are connoisseurs of coffee and they take pride and delight in providing their customers with the highest quality of product and service. Thank you for keeping everyone caffeinated and happy!"

Steve Puntasecca

"We knew Ricardo knew the coffee business, but roasting his own brand was a complete surprise to us , and a pleasant one at that!! What a find!!! We started using Rimar at home and then in the office, shortly after relocating our business to Glen Rock some 8 years ago."


"We prefer the whole bean as opposed to ground, but I am sure it is equally as good. We have served it to family, friends, clients, you name it. The response is always the same, “This is really good coffee”.…………….It really is!!!"


"You can tell the quality and freshness as soon as you open the package. At times even in the car while driving the supply home. It really is a great product. Thanks to Ricardo and Maria’s expertise , for us now this is all we serve and consume."

Fritz and Ingrid

New York CIty

"We have been RIMAR customers for nearly 10 years and are real fans. Other coffees do not have the richness and consistency of RIMAR and we look forward to our monthly deliveries! RIMAR has always delivered freshly roasted coffee on time and we love the 1 lb. package that actually weighs 1 pound. A speciality treat for non-speciality prices. Great product and great bargain.  5 stars!"